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Telekinesis is easy! Development.

Telekinesis. First step. To understand, a person needs to explore everything himself. Telekinesis. During various experiments with Kozyrev’s weights, it was noted that observation of the course of the experiment changes its results. Further experiments only by the influence of the power of thought on the arrow of the device, showed that the thought is

Make the scales trump yourself.

Make the scales trump yourself. It is not difficult to make the most torsional scales of Kozyrev. I’ll tell. We will need:1. Glass container (can be both steel), or transparent cover from cake box. I liked the device from the transparent cake lid, and on top of the plate from the old microwave in the

Gravity control. 3.

Result. Hypothesis. Start reading from here, then. We found out: the Gravitational and anti gravitational interaction between the bodies of the system, varies depending on the mass of bodies, the distance between them, the difference in their temperatures, when rotated depends on the direction of the moment, the speed of rotation and changes in this

Gravity control. 2.

Conclusions from our experiments. Start reading from here In stationary and having the same temperature bodies, gravitational interaction of the device is not detected. There is gravity and antigravity (gravitational repulsion). The process is already enough for the emergence of gravitational force. The state of rest stops the noticeable gravitational interaction. In this case, gravity

Gravity control. 1.

Gravity controlAntigravity. To understand, a person needs to explore everything himself. Purpose: to Know the essence of gravity Our task is to see what others do not notice and do not want to recognize. We are not going to rely on all well-known truth. We will proceed from the fact that we do not know