тематический словарь к 6 юниту



1. Television: TV; telly (colloq.), the box (BE); the tube (AE), portable television (set); colour television (set); video; video tape-recorder (VT/VTR); cable television; satellite television; network; viewer; viewing; peak viewing hours; prime time (8-11 p.m.); theme tunes; TV addict; compulsive viewing.

2. Operating TV set: to switch on/off; to turn on/off; to turn the sound up/down; to switch (over)/change to another programme/channel; to watch television; to see smth on television; a test card; to correct the picture; to have the TV set fixed.

3. Personnel/People in television: to be in television; announcer; newsreader/newscaster; anchorman/woman (AE); presenter; TV reporter/correspondent; commentator; interviewer; speaker; quizmaster; camera man/operator; editor; producer; technician; soundman; a film crew; a programme crew.

4. Programmes: programme; show; daily; weekly; monthly; the news; current affairs programme; special report; factual re-

portage; live footage (AE), talk (chat) show; discussion, panel discussion; interview; documentary; magazine programme;1 children’s programme; cartoon; educational programme; wild/ nature life programme;1 sports programme; the weather report/ forecast; variety show; musical variety; game show; quiz programme;1 feature film, movie (AE); television play/film; television version of a play (adapted for television); thriller; Western;1 serial (a play broadcast in parts, e. g. a three-part serial); instalment (a part of a serial); sitcom (situation comedy);1 soap opera;1 commercial; video clip;1 a regular character of the programme; a regular feature of the programme.

5. Television techniques: to broadcast; to telecast (AE); a live broadcast/show programme; to do a live broadcast; to be on the air; to go on the air; a broadcast speech/interview/discussion; to be on TV (What’s on TV tonight?); to appear on the programme; to show on television; to cover smth; news coverage; television coverage; to record/tape/videotape; recorded/ taped/videotaped programme; to do a television show; sound track; sound effects; test card; picture; general view; close-up; caption; still; library film/pictures (= archives material); location (= geographical position of an event); microphone, mike, neck mike; monitor; screen time.