словарь art

1. Painters and their craft:

a fashionable/ self-taught/ mature artist; a portrait/ landscape painter;to paint from nature/ memory/ imagination; to paint mythological/ historical subjects; to specialize in portraiture/still life; to portray people/emotions with moving sincerity/with restraint; to depict a person/a scene of common life/the mood of…; to render/interpret the personality of…; to reveal the person’s nature; to capture the sitters vitality/transient expression; to develop one’s own style of painting; to conform to the taste of the period; to break with the tradition; to be in advance of one’s time; to expose the dark sides of life; to become famous overnight; to die forgotten and penniless.

2. Paintings. Genres:

an oil painting; a canvas; a water-colour/ pastel picture; a sketch/study; a family group/ceremonial/intimate portrait; a self-portrait; a shoulder/length/half-length/knee-length/full-length portrait; a landscape; a seascape; a genre/historical painting; a still life; a battle piece; a flower piece; a masterpiece.

3. Composition and drawing

in the foreground /background; in the top/bottom/left-hand corner; to arrange symmetrically/asymmetrically/in a pyramid/in a vertical format; to divide the picture space diagonally; to define the nearer figures more sharply; to emphasize contours purposely; to be scarcely discernible; to convey a sense of space; to place the figures against the landscape background; to merge into a single entity; to blend with the landscape; to indicate the sitter’s profession; to be represented standing…/sitting.., /talking..; to be posed/ silhouetted against an open sky/a classic pillar/the snow; to accentuate smth.

4. Colouring, light and shade effects:

subtle/gaudy colouring; to combine form and colour into harmonious unity; brilliant/low-keyed colour scheme; the colour scheme where … predominate; mated in colour; the colours may be cool and restful/hot and agitated/soft and delicate/dull, oppressive, harsh; the delicacy of tones may be lost in a reproduction.

5. Impression. Judgement:

the picture may be moving; lyrical; romantic; original; poetic in tone and atmosphere; an exquisite piece of painting; an unsurpassed masterpiece distinguished by a marvellous sense of colour and composition. Dull; сrude; сhaotic; a colourless daub of paint; obscure and unintelligible; gaudy; depressing; disappointing; cheap and vulgar.